This website has been put together in order to campaign for better architecture when you developments occur in the ancient and historical old county town of Lewes.

Lewes is under threat. Currently there is an application to demolish the existing magistrates’ court in Friars Walk and build a ‘square box’, 1960s/70s,  flat roofed style hotel in its place. Lewes has seen some bad developments in the past but why make it worse. Fortunately, the bulk of the architecture; right from the Middle Ages forward through the Georgian period to the present day is a wonderful mixture of tiled roofs, brick fronted attractive buildings. The 1960s saw a setback and now we are facing a further setback. Unless something is done, the developer of the old magistrates court site, will get his way to build an eyesore which we will all have to live with, but they won’t.

Following this first major development, others will follow. The North Street quarter will change Lewes dramatically and hard on its heels will come the redevelopment of the Waitrose and Wemban Smith site.

We wish to revitalise the campaign for good architecture getting rid of flat roofs and ‘off-the-shelf’ architecture. This may be suitable for out-of-town industrial sites, but not for the beautiful ancient town of Lewes.

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