Lewes Magistrates Court Plans

Back in December, the people of Lewes gained a victory in the ‘planning battle for Lewes’ by persuading the South Downs National Park to refuse the application to demolish the old Magistrates’ Court in Lewes and build a Premier Inn. Well, the developer is back again now and if you would like to look at the revised application documents and see the comments written by the objectors to the new proposal visit:


and enter in the search box: SDNP/14/01650/FUL     You will then be taken to the actual planning application page.  Here you can either click on ‘Comments’ or click on ‘Documents’. Under the documents you will see all the application docs and towards the bottom of the list you will see the e-mails & letters from members of the public etc.

To comment click on ‘Comments’ and then click on the ‘Make a comment’ tab.

Please state at the top of your comments or e-mail something like:   “I strongly object to the application number: SDNP/14/01650/FUL”

Alternatively you can send an e-mail to the case officer, copy this address to you email:


OR, write to:

Planning Services
South Downs Centre
North Street
West Sussex
GU29 9DH

T: 0300 303 1053
Email: planning@southdowns.gov.uk


5 thoughts on “Lewes Magistrates Court Plans

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  3. Louise fardell


    I strongly object to the destruction of LEWES magistrates court and for the re-development of the new proposed building for a hotel. Lewes is a historic town and this is the way in which it should be kept. It is also in the conservation area, and quite frankly I fail to see how planning has been approved in a legal manner. Big block buildings are not characteristic to the town of LEWES and I don’t believe that they should become a part of the main town centre. Parking is already a major issue in Lewes due to the ridiculous meters that have been installed and the constant traffic wardens looking for any excuse to ticket people. By putting in a hotel you are destroying Lewes and all it stands for. If this hotel goes through then where will it stop?

    I am totally against the whole idea of this proposed building. As far as I am aware, there has been little information given to the general public and it seems to me that it has all been done in a rather underhand way.

    I will be campaigning against this…

    Louise Fardell

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  5. A.R. Kempton

    We strongly object to the Premier Inn Development and would much prefer the proposal by Lewes Theatre Group. We do not really need anymore shops in Lewes whereas a theatre would be in keeping with the Town.
    To demolish this substantial building would be an awful waste of resources and good materials without taking into account the upheaval in the resulting removal of the demolished building.


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